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What To Expect When You Visit Marbella


The resort area and city of Marbella is the haute of the rich and famous who visit from all over the world, especially in the summer. Billionaires and millionaires bring their yachts and suped up customised cars to Marbella. The rich and famous go to Marbella to play, play play play and rest of course!  Marbella is the party destination of Spain, like Miami is to America.

Though Marbella is a haven for the rich and very rich, you however, don’t need to be rich to visit. There are 1000’s of holiday rentals available in Malaga, there’s something for every budget. Being further away from the city centre does not mean you can’t get to experience the town.

Alameda park, Old Town Marbella



The Historic Old Town. 

Walk through Alameda Park, sit on one of the beautiful Andalusian tile benches and take in the beauty of the park before you go into the town. The park is small but filled with green lush vegetation and it’s a peaceful place to sit down and take in the surrounding beauty of it.

I love towns that have history! The Old Town has been in existence since the 15th century. It is a quaint part of Marbella with narrow streets, Andalusian style buildings, shops, restaurants and cafes. The historic legacy of the Arabian era has been well preserved and can been seen in the Arabian style architectural layout of it’s narrow streets.



Plaza de Los Naranjos

Plaza de Los Naranjos (Orange Square) is the heart of the old town. The plaza, which is named after the orange trees that surround the fountain in the middle, was created after the Christian conquest as a place where residents could gather to socialise. This is a big part of Spanish culture. The Orange Square is square surrounded by restaurants and cafes offering different types of local gastronomic delights. The plaza is a beehive of activity in the evening.

Other points of interest are, the 15th century ancient city walls, the town hall built in 1568, the 15th century Santiago Chapel and the Church of Santa Maria to name a few.


Orange Square, Marbella Spain


Paella, a traditional Spanish dish at The Orange Square.


Plaza de los Naranjos (Orange Square)

Beach Front ( Playa de Venus)

Stroll on the palm tree lined Avenida del Mar to get to the Playa de Venus beach front. Art lovers will be delighted to see several sculptures by the great Salvador Dali on Avenida del Mar. There are benches to sit down and lots of places to eat around there. Avenida del Mar sits in between the beach front and Alamada Park which leads to the historic Old Town.


Sunset on Avenida del Mar, Marbella.


Sunset view on Playa de Venus, Marbella.


In my mis-matched tankini. 😂



The Golden Mile

The Golden Mile,  lined with palm trees from Plaza de los Naranjos to Puerto Banus is a must. If you have a thing for looking at luxury homes then you’ll be in the right place. Aptly named, the Golden Mile is full of luxury homes, hotels, exclusive shops, Michelin star restaurants, art galleries, beautiful promenade by the sea, and beautiful gardens. Marbella to Puerto Banus is a 5min drive or a nice 7km walk.


Marbella Club Hotel ** disclaimer


Marbella has a great variety of luxury resorts, hotels and apartments to stay. The most well known of them all is situated at the heart of the Golden Mile – the iconic Marbella Club Hotel .The MCH has been visited by almost every who is who in the world, from European aristocrats and royalty to sporting greats, and entertainment industry personalities. 

In 1948, German Prince Alfonso bought the 18,000 square meter rural enclave as a family getaway. He quickly saw the potential of the location and turned it into a hotel which opened in1954.  The 66 year old resort now boasts of 131 rooms and suites, 16 villas, 18 hole golf course, riding stables, tennis club, beach club, botanical gardens on 42,000 sq meters of land. 

Puerto Banus



Founded in the 1960’s by Jose Banus with a vision to create an Andalusian style Mediterranean village. Luxury living has been it’s focus from conception and it remains that to date.

A typical evening in Puerto Banus is jam packed with luxury cars trying to weave their way through the traffic of pedestrians. Rows of speedboats and super yachts are parked by the marina and you will sometimes see crowds of tourists standing and watching the super yachts coming to dock. 



Fuel up your yacht.

There are many things to do in Puerto Banus, for instance, visit it’s beautiful beach and beach bars, walk along the marina or indulge in some water sports. In addition, you could visit the designer shops that line the streets or the El Cortes Ingles departmental store for a browse. Restaurants and cafes are everywhere, you will be spoilt for choice.




View of Mountain La Concha from Puerto Banus beach.



I touched La Concha mountain.




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