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This Eyebrow Matter

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my eyebrows.

When I was younger, they were thick and bushy and I didn’t like them. I felt they were unruly and grew in one straight line from one side of my face to the other. If there is such a thing as mismanaging eyebrows, then that’s probably my story. And….. maybe that’s why they are not as thick as they used to be.

Eyebrow trends have gone round in circles. From no brows to thin brows to thick brows back to thin etc. And now, very bold sculptured brows are trending. There are trends that haven’t made sense like the thin line brow trend. I never saw one person who looked nice with eyebrows shaved into a thin line. Besides the primary function of eyebrows is to prevent water, sweat and debris from getting into our eyes.

I remember the first time I had professional make up done. It was April 2017 and I was in Lagos at the time. To get the trending look, the make up artist used a blade to shave what seemed like half of my eyebrows off. Prior to that day, (after I discovered threading) I hadn’t used a razor blade on my eyebrows in years. I assumed she was just doing a little tidy up. When I saw the end result prior to filling the brows, I screamed! I was horrified. Oh no! My eyebrows! Where had they gone?!!! I was upset.

Lagos 2017 – Make up done by a make up artist.

Though the make up artist did a good job filling then in, I didn’t like how unnatural my eyebrows looked so I asked her to make them less dramatic, less sculptured.  I also asked for the rest of my face to look natural, like me. When she finished, wow! I looked amazing, but was it me? Who was the woman in the mirror? I didn’t recognise myself and I wasn’t so sure I liked that fact. She took a picture of the finished work and I sent it to my husband, son and daughter. My daughter responded with, “wow”. My husband and son didn’t comment. They said nothing. Hahahaha!

It’s taken me a year to grow them back. I had to buy eyebrow fillers and learn how to use them. Needless to say, the next time I had professional make up done (April 2018), I made it very clear my eyebrows were not to be shaved. 

Make up artists do an amazing job, they are able to completely transform the face. So much so that, with contouring and highlighting, the person looks completely different. Though I feel everyone should do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves, if you are the type who is insecure about your looks, there is the danger of not being satisfied or happy with what you see in the mirror when you are not made up professionally. It could make you think your natural face is not beautiful.

My character is such that, I’m drawn to the stable, the constant, the familiar. I am a creature of habit and routine. I like to look in the mirror and see me all the time. If “me” is all made up then “me” must be all made up 24/7/ 4/12. I’m boring like that.

November 2018 – before threading.

Anyways, going back to my eyebrows…..

Now that they are not as bushy as they were in my younger years, they are easier to manage because, the older I become, the less hair there is to thread. A 2 min tidy up every 3-4 weeks is just about right for my low maintenance lifestyle.

November 2018 – after threading.




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  • Eyebrows, funny thing it’s the one feature I have that I most get compliments on. A gift from my mother. As someone who has struggled with her looks I never went through the thin brow phase because frankly I never cared for the look. In a way your story is a journey through life, as we mature we get to know ourselves , we become comfortable in our skin. We know our angles , what looks good and what works. You are one of the lucky ones whose brows did grow back. So I stand in celebration with you. The good Lord knew what he was doing in my case because I sweat like no mans business and if I didn’t have them God help me!!😊😊😊

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