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My Visit To The Elegant Town Of Wiesbaden.

When David suggested we join my twin and brother-in law in Wiesbaden, Germany for a few days, I jumped at the chance. This break turned out to be just what I needed after the my car accident in August. Though I’m yet to get back to my normal self, I am grateful to God for my life. The story of that car accident is for another day.

David loves travelling around Europe. As far as he is concerned, why go too far when there’s lots to be discovered near? I agree in part, Europe has natural beauty, history, art and culinary delights. However, the world is huge, there’s lots to be discovered far and near and I intend to one by one, so help me God.

I found Wiesbaden pleasantly fascinating. Taiye my twin was our unofficial guide. Having been there before us and done some exploring, she told us a bit about the town when we arrived. Walking around this elegant and beautiful city was a delight! It was quite refreshing to see how the older generation have a great quality of life. Everyone looked impeccably dressed. There is no such this as looking old and decrepit in this town. Nah!

Wiesbaden is the 10th richest town in Germany and it’s one of the oldest spa towns in the country. It’s spas date back to the Roman era. Wiesbaden is famous for its thermal springs and people visit from all over the world. The town has a very relaxed air about it, there is this feeling of wellness everywhere. As we walked around, taking in the atmosphere, all the green trees, flowers, landscape, it all felt so fresh, so nice, so relaxed. The town has a lot of history, eye catching architecture, beautiful parks, and great food.


Kurhaus Wiesbaden


It is said that once upon a time, more millionaires lived in Wiesbaden than any other part of Germany. The social life enjoyed by the older gen in Wiesbaden gives you that feeling. You see them all dressed up, out and about enjoying their lives. It was quite nice to see that, when out and about, even very old men and women walking with Zimmer frames make an effort to dress up. Dear old ladies walking ever sooooo slowly in heels. Being old in Wiesbaden does not mean you can’t get it together. 😉

Schloss Johannisberg


On our first day, Taiye had arranged a trip to Rüdesheim. She was very excited to “paint the town red”. Hahahahaha!  So off we went, twin sisters and their husbands. The first stop was Schloss Johannisberg Castle and Winery. This could easily have been David’s (my hubby) first and only stop if we all hadn’t intervened.

It took great effort to get David out of here. Tasting wine, chatting with the ladies. What more could a man want?

We all tasted the wine, but David Pitan…. ermmm…. probably did 2 bottles worth of wine tasting. He was very jolly afterwards. Oh yeah! It was a jolly nice day!! 🤣🤣🤣

Rheingau (Vineyards)


Schloss Johannisberg wine tasting


Schloss Johannisberg wine tasting


Schloss Johannisberg wine tasting


There is a lot of history behind the wines. The origins of Schloss Johannisberg date back to the year 1100 when it was founded as a monastery. The Schloss has been destroyed (during wars) and rebuilt twice between 1100 and 1965. After some years, it at some point, became known as Johannisberg, meaning John’s mountain ( John the Baptist ). The castle sits on top of a hill surrounded by beautiful landscape. The view is simply beautiful!  All I could see was green, the fresh green natural beauty of the landscaped Rheingau where the Riesling grapes grow. How refreshing!


View of the Rheingau from Schloss Johannisberg.


Tour of the Reisling Wine Cellar with underground library.  Apparently, the oldest bottle of Schloss Johannisberger Riesling is to be found here.


Schloss Johannisberg


Awesome view of the Rhine from the back of Schloss Johannisberg.

Niederwald Monument


I love a bit of history. Some feel that you’ve seen one monument, you’ve seen em all. Well…not quite. Some structures stand out more than others. What stands about for me about this monument is the location. The views are amazing. I don’t even think I spent more than two secs looking at the monument, but the views, breathtaking! I’m sure most  tourists come here for the views. I’ve attached a little video clip below ⬇️ for you to see.

Ruedesheim am Rhein in the Niederwald Landscape Park


Park in Niederwald


The Niederwalddenkmal in Rüdesheim (20mins drive from Wiesbaden) sits on top of a hill over looking a beautiful view of the Rhine. This large monument symbolises the unification of Germany in 1871. It sits on a mountain in a lovely park with amazing views.

The fun bit is the cable car ride over the old town, vineyards and Rhine. We didn’t do that bit because of time. Well, maybe not because of time. I’m really not someone who likes to go on off ground rides. I wish I was but, I just can’t stomach it. So I always pass on cable car rides. I understand that the view from the cable car is amazing.

The park is a lovely place to stroll, run, hike, sit down relax and have something to eat.

The Niederwalddenkmal



Located in Ruedesheim am Rhein’s old town. Drosselgasse is made up of narrow cobbled alleys with shops, restaurants, wine bars and historic buildings. Built in the 15th century, this section of the old town is world famous and gets millions of visitors yearly.



The city train


The entrance – Drosselgasse is two metres wide and 144 metres long.



Along the alleys are houses wreathed with vine. The narrow alley ways are a beehive of activity with live band music and singing day and night in the summer. Drosselgasse is a great place to shop, eat local cuisine, taste some great wine and experience Germany.


This is why I need a detox! 😒😒


This old boy is ready to hit the town.

Restaurant Comeback

& La Cantinetta

This Italian restaurant has a very apt name. Visit once and you keep going back. The food I had was delicious. The fish was super and the fresh pasta dish I had was yummy. My only regret is not telling the waiter to leave what was left of the fish after it was filleted. As an African, there was justice to be made of the carcass. 😂😂 I particularly liked the stone decor in this elegant Italian restaurant and the yellow lights gave it a romantic mood.  I would visit again. Price €€-€€€

Literaturhaus Cafe 

As we were strolling past, the building looked interesting from the outside, so we decided to stop and take a look inside.  Inside the garden, we saw what looked like a book vending machine with people gathered around it looking through books. We found the entrance, wondered inside, found a cafe and sat down for coffee.



The interior looks like a German stately house, the kind seen in old movies.


Inside the house looked like something from the from the glamorous 1920’s – very nice!

Literaturhaus Villa Clementine turned out to be a literary house where German speaking, “writers, translators, editors, publishers, booksellers, media professionals and people interested in literature can meet and work – in writing workshops, readings, lectures or conferences” .





We couldn’t get a table when we popped in without booking on the first attempt so we booked for the night after. Oh was it worth the wait. Taiye and hubby had told us about the duck at Lambertus and we were looking forward to finding out if it was as good as they had described.

The Salon des Flacons is decorated with an impressive collection of 178 original over-sized perfume bottles.


Lambertus is an European Michelin star restaurant that serves French food. The interior is dimly lit, warm with a Parisian feel. The restaurant walls are antique wood with picture frames hung EVERYWHERE!

The famous duck dish turned out to be very delicious! The menu said a duck was shared by two so we ordered 2 ducks. My bil had warned us that the duck was a lot but we didn’t get what he meant by that till two giant ducks arrived. “A lot” was an understatement. 4 people can share a duck and be filled up.

Price £££

The Kurhaus of Wiesbaden

Is a magnificent and elegant building originally built as a spa house between 1807- 1810. The Kurhaus is now a multi purpose centre for conferences, conventions, cultural events, music shows, exhibitions and houses a theatre, casino and Lambertus restaurant.  It has 12 halls and parlours that vary in size. With it’s art nouveau style decor, the Kurhaus is a tourist must see, especially the Friedrich-von-Thiersch Hall. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to explore the entire Kurhaus on this occasion


Kurhaus, Wiesbaden


Kurhaus hallway.


I came, I saw, I marvelled


Behind the Kurhaus – beauty and bliss


Beautiful autumn colours!


Sunset view from the Kurhaus


Green and yellow lights …..


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