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May 2019 KHL Step Count Fitness Challenge

The Step Count Fitness Challenge is most probably the best fitness challenge ever, reason being, anyone can do it. I first facilitated this challenge in May 2016 after I asked the ladies in our fitness group to suggest a challenge to do and if my memory serves me right, counting steps was Elozino Olaniyan’s suggestion. I’ve been facilitating the challenge every May since then.

Below are the words of some of the awesome women who did this challenge. I must say, everyone in the group from the regulars to the new ladies who had never done this challenge before, helped make it fun.  When I set up group challenges like this, there are only 2 sins 1) the sin of silence and 2) the sin of giving up. It doesn’t matter how we start, as long as we keep going. We must never stop striving to improve our health. The ladies were real troopers. I’m so proud of all they achieved.

Enjoy reading some of the testimonials!! And, leave a comment below.  xx


The Challenge 

For me it was something I never thought I would sign up for. I have never been a sporty or health conscious person right from the day go. This challenge has been an eye opener. It made me exercise my faith that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.  Phil4:13. It was completely out of my comfort zone

One of the aspects I enjoyed were my lunch time walks, not wanting to go back. I put on my gospel music and my ear phones on. Trotting down the streets of Barnet. Nice feel I must say.

This challenge also taught me to be more organised and a bit more competitive and good spirited. My fellow steppers were encouraging motivating and kind of competitive. 

I will also make better use of my break time. Now that summer is here, I will enjoy and appreciate my environment and take short / long walks around my neighbourhood.

I would personally recommend this challenge to any and everyone. As we get older, we need to be more active. Dance, skip, take walks and relax. We are all able to move out of our comfort zone with God.  

Please invite me to the next challenge when it comes up. Thank you and God bless


I had a minor health scare in April which, thank God ended in praise, so I was looking to make lifestyle changes. The notice for The May Challenge put out by Coach K was timely. I thought the challenge will be about eating right, stretches…fancy things….but alas…it was about targets and accountability … I was sorrounded by highly motivated women.

The first week, the women turned in figures like 60k steps, mine was about 8k or so, I had to get serious!  I am gainfully occupied from 5am-9pm Monday to Friday, so time was an issue. I decided to walk from 9-10pm which was was my T.V time. I listen to my favourite music, so time passes quickly and I enjoy the workout.

As it was a daily routine, it has become a habit. That is the joy of joining the challenge – this has become a way of life for me. I am fitter and I move faster. I intend to walk for 30 minutes daily and do aerobics for another 30minutes for a more rounded workout. When there is a WILL THERE IS A WAY. 

I will recommend this challenge to anybody struggling with setting a consistent exercise routine…. Thanks Coach K and all the ladies in the MAY 2019 Challenge❤❤❤💃💃💃👏🏼👏🏼


My name is Ivana and I turned 50 early May 2019. I decided to join the KHL May challenge because I discovered I make progress in my fitness goals when I am accountable to others. 

At the beginning of May I struggled to hit 5k steps daily due to my work schedule and a troublesome left knee. I however discovered as the challenge progressed that other members shared tips of how they achieved their own daily goals: some dancing to favourite music, others walking in their basements. All to meet up their set daily step goals.

For me the ice breaker was when I went on vacation/my son’s graduation. Prior to now I have not hit 20k steps on any day because my knee starts “throbbing”. I am happy to announce that I did 25k steps with minimal discomfort on my knee. It is important to add that I have been on vitamins B and D supplementation for a few months as I was deficient in them – doctor prescribes. 

I have gone from a weekly average of 35k steps to 90k. I truly feel so much healthier and happier. I haven’t had time to check if I’ve lost weight but my clothes fit much better.

KHL challenges are highly recommended though our dear coach is a tough disciplinarian. Alas, it is all for our collective good and benefit.


I love challenges and I know joining the challenge group will be fun, motivating and supportive. I’ve been comfortable with my normal daily steps during the week and less movements over the weekend. I knew joining the challenge will include accountability. So, the sense of being accountable meant I will have to push further by stepping out of my comfort zone to achieve the steps target set for the period of the challenge.

My expectation was to increase the amount of steps taken daily including weekends compared to steps taken before the challenge. Most of the days were good, I met and exceeded the daily target set. On 3 occasions, I was below target due to being unwell but despite that I still managed to move.  Any opportunity to move, I moved just to get those steps. Parking further away from shop entrance at the car park, taking longer walking routes to work after car is parked, taking evening walks, dancing and jogging.

I recommend this challenge because it’s one of the easiest challenge with no equipment needed and could be achieved in various ways by walking, dancing, running etc. Also could be done at the comfort of your home. There are many benefits of the various ways to achieve the step challenge; for me, tones my legs, boost my energy, makes me happy and a lot more.

I did a lot of leg workout (Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts) in preparation for the challenge = Strength in the Legs and also getting the benefit of Toned Legs. Stretching and massaging were also part of my routine for recovery and long term flexibility.Lisa

KHL May 2019 Step Count Challenge

This step count challenge came at a point when I needed it the most. Over the past year or so, I had gone from being very active to doing absolutely no exercise whatsoever. This was solely due to being very busy, there was actually no time for me to get out.

Now I had done this challenge before which I found easy at the time. I could fit in at least an hour of activity everyday, I could run 10km at any point in time and I was able to rack up those steps.

This time however, it was very different because on a normal day I was struggling to do 5000 steps. I had gained weight and had a few other health issues and I knew that I had to get moving. So along comes this challenge and I thought it would be a perfect way to get going.

I opted to go for the Silver level which means my goal was to achieve 240,000 steps in the month of May which would mean walking approximately 8,000 steps  a day. It was a significant step up from what I was currently doing and if I got my act together I could do it.

Now I hadn’t factored in the huge advantages gained from being part of the WhatsApp group formed by Coach K just for participants of this challenge. You get loads of encouragement and tips on how to go the extra mile. Just seeing other people’s results made me want to do more. But I still had the problem of having no time to walk and get my steps. Then someone in the posted about getting a walk in during her lunch break. What a fabulous idea. So, I made a point of leaving my desk and going out for a 15-minute walk during my lunch break- aha steps! Also, someone suggested dancing to build up steps- not only a fabulous idea but a fun one too.

Suddenly I was doing over 10,000 steps a day. A 15-minute walk here and there in the day and around taking kids to their evening activities was all it took. I didn’t need to block off an hour to get my exercise in. This was exciting. At the end of the first 5 days, I had done 62,801 steps. Ooooh but this is a challenge, if I can do this then I can probably do more. 

 I set myself an additional target of doing more steps than the previous week until the end of the challenge. In week 2, I was just shy of 82,000 steps with my highest day being 13,100 steps. I was enjoying myself and taking every opportunity I could to walk. Now the thought was how to ramp it up for week 3 as I still had the same limited time to walk in and I needed to achieve my target of increasing my total number of steps each week.  The answer was to try and increase the distance in each walk. I haven’t been using any apps to record my walks to keep it simple. In a 15-minute walk I just walked for 7 minutes and turned round and walked back for 7 minutes. But I changed the way I did my walks. I would target a certain area, like a loop around streets surrounding a local leisure centre. The motivation there was that I had to hurry to make it back to pick up my child from training on time, and there were a few times I didn’t make it back on time 😊.  

At the end of week 3, I did just over 85,500 steps. Yes, met that target. On my highest day I did 14,476 steps but there were also a couple of days that I didn’t manage to do up to 10,000 steps. There will always be days when life gets in the way of a good walk but as long as I could make it up later, it didn’t matter too much to me. On one of those days I put on some music on my headphones after everyone in my household had gone to bed and was dancing to try and build up some steps. I must have been well into it because I hadn’t realised that one of my kids had entered the room and was watching me with an incredulous look on his face.

Week 4 turned out to be the toughest week as I really struggled to fit my walks in. I was really busy at work and had  no time for my lunchtime walks, and I was also travelling a lot that week. By the time Saturday came along, I had not done up to 10,000 on 3 days that week and I was 35,000 steps short of target… eeek! To make matters worse, I was spending the weekend out of town attending a weekend event that one of my kids was taking part in. Now remember that WhatsApp group I was telling you about. The group members really lifted me up just as I was about to resign myself to the fact that I would fail to meet target that week.  Drawing on the support and advice I received, I went for lots of walks in between my kid’s performances. At the end of the day I even persuaded him to come for a long walk with mum and rewarded him with dinner in one of his favourite restaurants. The result was that I did 19,865 steps that day – yes! If I could do the same thing the next day, then I would reach target. I woke up the next day to rain but that did not bother me as I had my umbrella. On one of my walks, I spotted a well-known Swedish furniture shop in the distance and I quickened my steps to get there. Unfortunately I had to abandon that one as my son’s next performance was approaching and I’m sure my wallet breathed a sigh of relief 😊  At the end of that day, I had done 20,182 steps. I had smashed my target for that week.

I am now on the final day of the challenge and that Silver level that I initially signed up for has been achieved ages ago. In fact, I am 28,000 steps short of the Platinum level which is 400,000 steps for the month! Can I achieve platinum level? I am definitely going to go for it and even if I don’t quite get there, I will be so proud of what I have achieved. To go from barely walking 5,000 steps a day to knocking on 400,000 steps in a month is an amazing achievement. Oh, by the way, I have lost a bit of weight too 😊

What I have learnt is that there is no such thing as no time to exercise. Even a 5-minute walk reaps benefits. I am now always looking for an opportunity to walk and if I arrive anywhere early, I take a quick walk instead of waiting in the car or waiting room. 

Another thing is always to share your journey with your peers and friends and family because those are the people that lift you up when times are hard, and you are struggling to move. I confess to being one of those silent observers of group chats but not anymore because I am sure my experiences might benefit someone. The KHL group was an amazing group to be part of. The encouragement from Coach K and all the group members was second to none. I looked forward to seeing everyones achievements at the end of each week. Everyone’s journey was special irrespective of the number of steps they achieved. I would not have gone this far if it wasn’t for the group.

Moving forward, I have set my target at 100,000 steps a week. I was cleared by my doctor this week to start running again so if I can fit a few jogs in, I should be able to achieve that. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. Exercise in any form benefits you both physically and mentally. My mood has improved even though I am just as busy as before. Taking part in this challenge has been the main factor. The KHL Step Count Challenge is highly recommended by me , if you are trying to kickstart an exercise regime or if you just want to do more. You will take a great leap forwards with this challenge.


I have always wanted to lose some weight and improve on my general wellbeing but, starting was a big challenge. I kept on procrastinating until this challenge came up which was the big push I needed.

I started the challenge with some hiccups. Step counter refused to work and carrying my phone around was quite inconvenient. I had no choice but to buy a new Fitbit even though it was not part of my budget but had to when I knew I had to be accountable to myself and coach K. I  am happy I did that. 

Anyway, after the first week I was able to achieve my daily target of 6,000 steps. When I went through the results of my fellow steppers, I was challenged. I stepped up and pushed myself to 10,000 steps daily with the slogan of “when there is a will there will be a way”. It has been interesting so far. For days I cannot meet up, I walk in my basement to achieve the target. The chats from different steppers on struggles and victories helped me a great deal.

The challenge has certainty prepared me for the daily routine which I intend to keep and increase my daily targets gradually while I achieve my weight loss targets.

Kudos to Coach K.


I joined the KHL steps challenge because for me walking is fun. I believe that being the company of other like minded people would keep me focused and accountable. It’s inspiring and at the same time fun reading about the accomplishments of others. You get motivated to want to do more.

This is my 3rd year running doing the challenge so I pretty much knew what to expect. I just always felt motivated to stretch myself. I wanted to exceed my target.

Definitely yes!! I would recommend the challenge. It’s a great way to lose weight if you are looking to do that, alternatively it’s a great way to just stay fit. The ladies you hangout with during the challenge are fun and inspiring as well.


I love walking so I initially thought that this challenge was up my street. Little did I know that it was not that straightforward. Unforeseen circumstances threatened my achieving my target. My daily target was becoming a struggle so I switched my routine and started walking lunch times, early mornings or late evenings. Whether 15, 20, 30 minutes.., it all counted towards my goal. My plan was to walk about 5 hours minimum per week; so I was continuously checking my targets to have a fair idea how I was doing. 

Being in the group really helped me when I had my struggles with conflicting priorities. Hearing from other participants encouraged me and helped me to keep going. I will encourage everyone to participate as this helps us all whether you feel you are lagging behind or not. 

Kehinde was brilliant. She was stricter this time around 😂. Removing 2 people who were not adhering to the participation rules. She was very supportive and gingered us all daily. That was not easy. Her daily push ensured that everyone was in it for real! Well done 👍🏽👏🏾

It met my expectations. I actually thought it was going to be a breeze but far from it. I had to be deliberate daily to avoid distractions. These can easily derail your plan. 

No doubt the results are always awesome. More flexibility, better circulation and more energy. Not sure if I lost weight but I’m more toned and feel better in myself. 

I definitely recommend the challenge to anyone interested in fitness or living a healthy lifestyle. 

Having this type of challenge three times a year will be fabulous!!!

Well done 👍🏽 again CK!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤗


I had really prepped myself up to do better than I did last year. Last year, I pushed myself to reach the gold level. This year, if I’m able to achieve more steps in the gold level, then I’ve done better. My preferred cardio activity is spinning which can’t be accurately tracked in steps. For the duration of the challenge, I plan to replace my twice weekly spin sessions with running on the treadmill.

In the weeks preceding the start of the challenge, I had been doing short 10min runs on the treadmill to get ready and my plan for the challenge is to combine twice weekly 60min indoor runs with daily walks. I inconveniently hurt my hamstring the week before we were to start. Bugger! I initially think it’s doms until I notice the pain doesn’t ease off. My hamstring is hurting and tight and it’s affecting my knees – I feel a dull ache in my knee area. However, I am determined to do this challenge even if I have to crawl at snails pace.

I kept this weekly diary below.

Week 1 ( 5 days).

May 1st start. The pain in my hamstring is on my mind. Every time I get up from a sitting or lying position, I get a sharp pain at the back of my right leg. I’m thinking about this all the time. I get through the week by mixing slow leisurely walks with elliptical in the gym and dancing in my bedroom. On Friday, I take an anti inflammatory and I’m able to do some running. It’s quite challenging, hamstring painful, knees not great. I do lots and lots of stretching, foam rolling and using the massage stick to ease the pain and relax the muscle. I manage to hit target with difficulty.

Week 2

Even though my leg is not great, I decide to Step Up my target and move it up from aiming to just do better than last year even if by a few steps, to Platinum level which is an extra 80,000 steps. My hamstring is still not better but I realised after week 1 that if my pace is not brisk, I can manage it. To achieve my goal, I add outdoor walking. I don’t think I can survive walking on the treadmill. I start walking around my area on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I decide to do some squats and lunges midweek. Mistake! The pain intensified after the workout. That tells me no leg strength work in May. I hit the week’s target with 2 x 60min indoor runs and 5 walks done with difficulty. Walking downhill feels painful on my hamstrings and knees.

Week 3

Inspired by the results of the Super Steppers in the Challenge group, I set this week’s target at 100,000 steps and decide to aim to hit 20,000 steps on at least one day. My thinking is simple, the ladies who achieve such numbers are human, I am human. Hahahahaha. The last time I did 20,000+ steps was last year on holiday in Italy when we decided against renting a car, stayed in the city and walked everywhere. The most memorable walk on that trip was the 7K uphill walk to the San Luca Sanctuary. Read my 7 km uphill walk in ➡️ Italy blog.

I’m enjoying the outdoor walking. I use a different route every time I venture out. I’m doing a lot of uphill down hill walking . I love uphill walking. I’ve been doing hills on the treadmill for years. As a matter of fact, I lost a lot of weight after having my daughter 16yrs ago by doing 3x1hr treadmill uphill walks weekly. Downhill is still challenging, my knees still hurt, I have to slow my pace down when going downhill.

I set an outdoor walk goal – to go on a different route and little bit further every time I step out. I decide to set myself an after challenge running goal – to continue with the twice weekly runs with the aim to improve my 60min distance. This will help with motivation after the challenge so I don’t lose my May gains. My hamstring is better but still tight but with milder pain. I still need a lot of stretching and foam rolling afterwards. The week ends with 2x 60min indoor runs, 3 outdoor walks, 1 dance day.

Week 4.

I must say, every time I step on the treadmill, I spend the first 20mins in an uncomfortable state. Firstly, because I struggle with the monotony of the exercise and secondly because it takes me a good 20-30mins to warm up and get comfortable. Monday’s run was fine, Thursday’s was not. The only thing that kept me on the treadmill for the full 60mins on Thursday was the fact that I needed the steps. I admit that if I hadn’t been doing this challenge, I would have stepped off the treadmill and gone to the cross trainer instead. Everything was just not working well, my breathing was off, my knee hurt, I felt I lacked energy and my mind was just not there.
The next day, (Friday) I decide to do some light strength work on the Leg Press, leg extension and and hamstring curl as well as an outdoor walk. My legs felt fine afterwards. I can now re-add that to my workouts.
On Sunday evening when out walking with my hubby, for the first time during this challenge, I felt really good. My walking pace is now brisk, no more pain going down hill, no need to spend more than normal stretching and rolling out afterwards. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!
It’s taken me exactly 25days of grit, sweat, discomfort to get to this point. Guess what? I have enjoyed every single day. It’s been tough at times to keep going but when you’re facilitating the challenge in a group of women who are getting it done, there can be #noexcuses.
The week ends with 2x60min indoor runs, 5 outdoor walks.


Week 5 (final week- 5days).

I step on the treadmill on Monday and I know it was going to be a good run. I didn’t need to stretch before. My hamstring is much better and as a result, I’m not feeling any pain in my knee. Thank you Lord!
On Tuesday, I walked the furthest I’ve done during this challenge – 13.32km. No pain going downhill, I just kept walking. I walked through some old driving routes, went past my daughter’s former nursery school, went past my son’s former primary school, went past past an old friend’s shop (our children were in nursery school together (they are now 16yrs) and stopped to say hi. I last saw her 6yrs ago. I have decided to continue with 5K walks on days I don’t go to the gym after the challenge. I more or less hit my target after Tuesday’s long walk. I am now cruising.

My 60min indoor run on Thursday is fine, no issues with my legs, no extra stretching needed. Hamstring almost back to normal. I am happy! I feel a great sense of achievement. A light 6K walk on Friday ends what has been an amazing month for me. I felt the benefits of my strength training leg and core work when running. The extra activity has given me an energy boost and because of this, I am ending my lazy lounge room lizard weekend ways. 😂



The word ‘challenge’ sends adrenaline pumping through my veins. I love challenges a lot, mostly because they motivate me to achieve my set targets and fitness goals. The May step count challenge is one challenge I look forward to participating in yearly and this year was no exception. The benefits from the challenge are amazing and are major motivators for me. 

This years’ step count challenge is nothing compared to previous years for me. I registered for the platinum level which is 400,000 steps but my coach of life, Coach K felt I could do better than that and moved me up to the highest level, marathon level with 600,000 steps. This helped me discover inner strength I didn’t realise I had. Half-way through the month, I fell ill with malaria but that did not stop me. Even though I had to step it down a little, I still kept pushing. I walked a minimum of 6 kilometres on the days that were typically my rest days just to keep up. The result of this daily movement is that I feel stronger and more energised. As a result I’ve decided to inculcate a minimum of 5 kilometres daily walk in my fitness routine. 

Lessons learnt:

Until you try you can never really know what you are capable of doing. The mind is very powerful; the zeal & will to move starts from the mind. There were days I didn’t feel like getting up from the bed in the morning but with my eye on the goal there was no stopping me. Keep your eye on your goals; this will motivate you to map out strategies and road maps to achieve them. Move out of your comfort zone and do something different from the norm. 

I definitely recommend this challenge again and again for everyone. Your fitness level can never be the same once you actively participate in this challenge.


  • 2019 steps count challenge was quite challenging but had highly motivated ladies to spice up the challenge. Shout out to Inibokun, Ode & Caroline. To other regulars in the yearly challenge you were all amazing. The team spirit was next to non as well as the motivation from one another. Please don’t let the gains of this challenge go to waste tap into the benefits they vary from person to person that should motivate us to make this a lifestyle. We will be healthier and fitter the gain is ours at the end of the day.
    Coach K you are the best thanks for putting this together yearly and for pushing us to go over and above what we never imagined we could achieve.
    2020 is a date God keeping us till then and beyond.

  • What an amazing achievement by everyone. Well done! I think the conclusion is that the KHL May 2019 Steps Challenge has been a major success. It has been inspirational reading about everyone’s journey. I’m sure the benefits will be long lasting. Well done Kehinde, looking forward to the next one.

  • Nike Adejokun
    June 1, 2019 9:25 am

    Highly inspirational write up – didn’t read the whole write up but the ones I did were very inspiring – kudos to all the ladies – your pics look great 👌🏼💃🏻

  • Nike Adejokun
    June 1, 2019 9:26 am

    Well done ladies – didn’t read the whole write up but the ones I did were very inspiring – kudos to all the ladies – your pics look great 👌🏼💃🏻

  • Glenda Omogbai
    June 1, 2019 1:59 pm

    Fantastic!!!! Inspirational!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Well done to everyone! The KHL regulars and most especially the 2019 joiners, y’all totally rock.
    It’s been 31days of getting into a routune and hopefully the habit is formed. Let’s keep the flag flying, whatever rocks your boat; run, walk, dance, 30min daily, 60min daily, 1 session, several bite size sessions of 10-15mins, lunch time, gym time, dawn, dusk ……. just do you and keep moving.

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