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How We Had Our Romantic Croatian Getaway At Home

“I made all the things we were meant to do in Dubrovnik happen.” said David yesterday morning. Last week, we would have been on a romantic Croatian getaway. We‘d been looking forward to our child free couples trip to Croatia all year. Now that our children are young adults, we planned to kick start our child free travel life this year, something I’ve patiently waited years for. In 24yrs of marriage, I can only recall 5 occasions where David and I went away alone. Our Honeymoon in 1996, 2 Oracle corporation staff weekends away almost 2 decades ago, a 2019  trip Nigeria and a 2019 trip to Wiesbaden. In the past, every time I mentioned going away without the children I’d get an “we’re almost there” response.

However, I not complaining because I’ve gone on uncountable trips (financed by hubby) alone. This is something he encourages probably for his peace. He’s fond of saying, “a happy wife, a happy life”. Send the wife away to wherever she wants to go, she can shop till she drops, do everything she wants to do, come back and give me peace.  I actually like travelling alone. I also like to travel with my family and friends. If I get to do all in one year, that’s a great year.

David on the other hand, is not a “jamboree” type of man. A good 2 week family holiday and a trip to see his parents in Nigeria once a year is enough for him.  In the early days of our family holidays, because we had different ideas of what a family holiday should be (read my family holiday blog) we often argued on those breaks. The main point of contention is shopping. I like to shop or browse shops and my husband doesn’t. To him, family holidays should be 100% relaxation and, shopping isn’t relaxing. As far as I’m concerned, a holiday (no matter where in the world) is incomplete without a little shopping.

Leafy London evening stroll.

Anyways, this morning he came out with the statement above. What exactly does he mean by “made all the things we were meant to do in Dubrovnik” happen? Our romantic trip to Croatia obviously had to be cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic. As I type this post, I’m thinking about all the things we did this weekend. Sex on Friday, sex twice on Saturday and sex on Sunday. Other than that, we ate, drank, watched movies (I fell asleep during), went for an evening stroll, talked and had one argument.

Okay, so all the above listed activities are things we normally do except sex twice in one day.  Twice a day sex is “before children” modus operandi. Oh and normally, we might have had more than one argument. If one was to ask David, he’d say I’m the one who causes most of our arguments. His menopausal wife! There might be an element of truth in that. However, we argue sometimes because we are very different, like character opposites. He’s an Econ and I’m a Human. We are from two very different worlds, which means life can never be boring for him.  😜[/vc_column_text]


Me thinks because last week was meant to be our week away, we might have both made unconscious efforts not to do or say things that could cause an argument. We managed to achieve that till we got back from our “holiday” on Sunday. 4 straight loved up days? Our romantic Croatian “getaway” at home was a resounding success!

Without a doubt, many of us have used this time to reflect and count our blessings. Romantic times can be created anywhere. Yeah it’s good to visit other countries and getaway from the humdrum of normal UK life, but if that’s not possible, with a willing heart, little effort, love and good spirit, special moments can be created at home.



Croatia, that time will come again.

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  • Sorry to hear your time away was cancelled. Hopefully you can rebook for next year. Although we have many years before we can go on holiday by ourselves again this has given me some inspiration to spend some more quality time with my partner whilst in lockdown 😊

  • My dear Croatia will be awaiting you .Nice that you could enjoy your getaway weekend at home. Me sha I can’t wait for this to be over so I can travel the world👀. But for now I guess summer vacation is over 😢

  • My dear CK, i had to read this right away because i can relate to a romantic getaway in Croatia . Its such a divine location. Thank God it will be waiting for you and your hubby once the pandemic and its effects clear up.
    A good read as always and i totally agree; special moments can be created right in the home.

  • ivana akaraiwe
    April 28, 2020 2:35 pm

    I feel you coachie. I was planned to travel tonight to see the children and started feeling gloomy yesterday. No trip courtesy of COVID19. Good to know you enjoyed your time at home with hubby dearest

  • Such a beautiful place and you are a great storyteller.

  • Sorry to hear your trip got cancelled. Have to say though, a healthy sex life after 24 years of marriage – very lucky lady haha. Once this is all over Croatia will come and it’ll be even more spectacular!

  • Interesting!
    I’m glad you had fun – enjoying each other’s company. My hubby often says ‘talk fight’ aka argument spices up things.

  • Glenda Omogbai
    April 29, 2020 5:46 am

    😃😃 CK well done on achieving romantic getaway at home during this lockdown period. And excellento!!! to having sex twice a day with grown ups in the house.
    Can’t wait to go away. Until then, I will try and make an effort in creating a romantic “getaway” in my yard 🤣

  • I trust you to always create your dreamland within the present reality. Great story as always with some take home thoughts. Kudos.

  • Nice one Kehinde, especially your closing thoughts so true that with the right heart and effort, romantic memories can be made right where we are!

  • What a lovely write up. I have had two trips cancelled so far. A cruise to Asia and a short trip to America for a friends birthday. I have loved loved loved being at home and working at home. A great deal of reflection has made me realise I was running on empty and would have burned out eventually. The pandemic,as awful as it has been,has made me learn again how to take a step back and find joy in the mundane. Croatia is also now on my ever growing list of places to go. Well done Coach.

  • That Croatia pain, I feel it in my bones gan gan ,but you left out Wiesbaden in October 2019. Great read as always, my hubby must never read it though, four straight days of sex, I am coming…

  • Good for you. But me I just they look you. If you get bele wo, you won’t know your self again. You’ll delay another 24 years.

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