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How to Make Great Health Strides And Get To The Point Of No Return In 2023

What is The Point Of No Return?

Your health Point Of No Return is your effortless decision making point. This is when you’re operating in autopilot mode. Your PONR is when working out has become something you do whether or not you’re in the mood to do it. At your PONR, because you know regular exercise does your body a whole lot of good, you just keep doing it. You literarily just get up and exercise without thinking about it. You become consistently consistent. At the PONR level, not exercising regularly becomes something that’s inconceivable. Your body craves and misses your regular workouts if you stop for more than a few days. With regards your diet, your PONR is where automatically making better food choices 80% of the time is your default mode.

The Point Of No Return is not an easy place to get to.

Many people fall off the health and fitness wagon because they don’t hit autopilot mode. This is  because getting to the PONR is a mental and physical battle. As you battle, you will want to give up often. You will fall many times, be disappointed and discouraged. People give up because it takes effort, determination, grit, grind, sweat and aches to get to their PONR. People will face obstacles, roadblocks and mountains on the road to their PONR. However, falling, failing, discouragement and disappointment are simply badges you collect on the journey to your PONR. They will become part of your testimony if you get to your PONR.

Look, if getting to your Health Point Of No Return were easy, we would be living in a world where there are no lifestyle ailments like diabetes, obesity, hbp, heart disease etc. What you have ask yourself when the going gets tough is, “has anyone ever reached the PONR?”. If the answer is yes, and that person is human, you can as well.

This was my mindset when I set out to lose my belly fat when I had my first child 25yrs ago. friends in my community had told me once a woman has had a child, a protruding belly was inevitable. I had to look outside my community for examples of women who’d given birth and managed to get back into shape afterwards. If you’re in an environment where everyone is struggling, you need to move to one where people have struggled and gotten to their health Point Of No Return or else you’ll think it can’t be done.


How to get to your Point Of No Return 

1) Understand that your PONR is infinite. 

When you reach your PONR, you should strive to be at that level for the rest of your life.  This is why I discourage people from using birthdays or events to exercise or clean up their diet. I liken doing that to a sports car on a racing track. You’re super focused and the journey is fast and exciting. However, when you stop, the exhilaration ends and your motivation drops because you’ve achieved your goal of fitting into your beautiful outfit. That journey ends after your event and most people pile the pounds back on soon after. Your PONR is a place where movement is a continuum that isn’t linear. Which means, you won’t always be progressing upwards, knowing this, you still keep putting in effort.

To sum this up, don’t give your efforts an end date, make your goal a lifelong one.

2) Understand that what you do today yields dividends in the future.

You body is a temple that must be cared for and maintained or else it will prematurely degenerate.  Shift your focus off quick weight loss gains and be more future focused. Accept that maintaining and keeping your body in optimum health involves regular exercise and a reasonably healthy diet. Make it priority in your life – an absolute must whether you feel like it or not. No one food or workout heals or cures. What keeps you in good nick is the cumulative effect of healthy diet and consistently exercising over time.  

3) Exercise to keep fit and eat to be healthy, not to lose weight.

Don’t fall into the trap of using exercise and healthy eating just for weight loss. Yes, if you’ve got excess energy stores, exercise can help you deplete your fat stores. And yes, regular exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight. However, when you exercise, your focus should really be on cardiovascular, strength improvements and all the other huge benefits of exercising instead of weight loss. If you’re making great strides in those areas and not over nourishing, your weight should take care of itself. 

4) Create a rock solid routine and adapt it for different locations. 

Look at your schedule, be realistic, decide on the days you can fit exercise in and COMMIT to sticking to those days. If you don’t commit to fixed days, you’ll struggle to be consistent. 

If something comes up that prevents you from working out on one of your ‘workout’ days, replace that day with another in that week straightaway.  You can’t reach the PONR if you keep letting the tide blow you all over the place. This includes the work tide. If work is constantly getting in the way of you taking care of your body, you might be a ticking time bomb. 

Keep your boxes ticked each week, swap the days if you must, just don’t let a week go by with un-ticked boxes.

5) Create a rule that helps you check yourself 

When I started my journey 25yrs ago, I created a rule I still stick to today.  I picked a dress size I felt comfortable with and made a rule not to go up from that size. Back then, it was easy to stick to that rule because I couldn’t really afford to replace my whole wardrobe. Today, the same still applies – it’s cheaper to stick to my size 10 than go up to a 12. If size 10 starts to feel tight, then I’m eating too many chocolates. You don’t have to create the same rule though. Think of something that can be your check and balance, make it a rule and stick to it.

I’ve created a comprehensive coaching course to help make your weight loss/improved health journey less painful.  This course is packed full of activities to help you better grasp the intricacies of losing weight and keeping it off. To further support you on your journey, you also get 6 one to one online coaching sessions with me to keep you focused and accountable. Every two weeks, we’ll review your progress to keep you on track.

If you’re serious about making great health strides and getting to your Point Of No Return in 2023, send me a message to or click this link to commit in 3 flexible instalments 

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