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How To Get Rid Of Body Fat – My 5 Week Challenge Results

Continuing from my sugar elimination challenge blog.

I did another body composition scan today, exactly 1 month after I did my last body scan. The scan showed that I had lost 2% subcutaneous body fat (the fat that lies on top of muscle) and gained 1.1 kg of lean muscle mass (as a result of my increased strength workouts).  Most of the body fat reduction is from my trunk. I’d like to say again that my focus is reducing body fat and not weight. My goal is to reduce my body fat % and increase my lean muscle %.  More lean muscle means faster metabolism, better shape, strength, mobility and stability. All of which is essential for a good quality of life over 50yrs of age.

Prior to doing the body scan today, I noticed that fat on my back and bellow my belly button had reduced but not much anywhere else and this showed up on the scan. Though my previous and current scan results put me in the green ok zone, I feel in my mind that 25% fat sounds healthier than 32%.  lol.  Which means I could do a teeny bit better. Looking at myself in the mirror, I’m beginning to think that going down to 25% might be a bit much. I might have to revise that target because I don’t want to look too lean. 

Going forward from the challenge, with the exception of 1 cup of breakfast tea with a bit of honey (less than I was using before) I plan to stick to my sugar free life 80-90% of the time. Black coffee replaces white sweet coffee, protein bars are out ( I should have never started eating them this year), nightly 2-4 chocolate squares with hubby are out. He has more height to spread the chocolate than I do, so no no no more of that!  

These are the food and drink swaps I made.


I replaced 1 cup of tea with milk and honey and 1 cup of coffee with milk and sugar with 2 cups of warm lemon water. Total approximate calories saved 160 calories.


I replaced 190 calorie protein bar with a small 53 calorie packet of sea salted popcorn.

Total calories saved 137 calories.


I replaced 2-4 squares of Lindt chocolate (115 – 230 calories with 1 orange (65 cal).

Total calories saved 50-165 calories.

Total approximate daily calorie deficit 347-462 calories.


3 things to do to reduce unwanted body fat.

Cut out or reduce food and drinks with sugar.

Sugar comes in all forms, honey, algarve nectar, maple syrup, etc. Read your labels, don’t make assumptions. It is almost impossible to find snacks without added sugars.  Also, stop drinking fruit juices, eat moderate portions of fruit instead. Persevere, it takes a lot of practice to adjust to new habits, your palate will eventually adjust.

Watch your carb portions.

Carbs are energy foods. If you aren’t expending the energy then, no need to stock pile excess carbs as fat. How do you know if you’ve stock piled excess energy? If you have too much fat then you’re eating more than meets your energy requirements. Eat less starchy carbs to deplete the stored energy (fat). Increase lean protein slightly and eat lots of non starchy veg.

Pick up the weights!

Omg! I can’t begin to say how much this is an absolute necessity. When we weight train, we break down muscle. The process of repairing that muscle to make it stronger burns into our energy stores. Muscle repairs when we are resting, so your body burns calories long after you have done the workout. Research shows that we lose up to 40% more fat when we combine strength training with cardio. If you want to lose fat, then resistance training is a must.

Another thing to note is, we engage the abs when doing compound strength exercises, this is why many who strength train have great abs. So, if you want to lose fat, but not weight, then start doing or add more strength training to your routine.


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  • Lisa Oyaide-Nicholls
    April 28, 2019 11:30 am

    Great results and advice.
    I too recently swapped my coffee for hot waters I don’t even miss it because the hot water is just another hot drink for me. The only issue is when I need the caffeine but I’m coping without it at the moment ……just 😁 xxx

  • Vivian Iguyovwe
    May 17, 2019 10:00 pm

    Excellent write up. I am definitely stealing the market ready terminology. Well done. One question from a different blog…what’s wrong with protein bars? I’ve been using them to substitute brekkie but I notice my weight loss has stalled….

    • kehindepitan
      May 18, 2019 2:10 pm

      I stopped eating them because of the sugar content and the desire to reduce unnecessary. Personally, I feel that, the only people who an benefit from eating protein bars are those who have have high energy expenditure or who need extra calories. K xx

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