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How 2019 Was My Colour Splash Year.

I decided to do this hair blog because….ermm… because.. well, “hey! I’m 50! Why not do a blog about my hair over the last 10 years? 

The reason why I started having my hair in braids all the time is because I workout and I sweat a lot whilst working out. Having to wash and dry my afro hair is a headache. I’m a low mo (low maintenance) woman with regards to hair and beauty. I like that with braids, I can “get up and go”, I don’t even brush my hair. Bliss!!

I remember when I re-connected with my friend Udo Okonjo way back in 2008?  Udo and I were classmates in FGGC Benin City Nigeria.We hadn’t seen nor been in touch since the early 90’s in London. We met up one evening at 805 restaurant on Old Kent Rd. At the end of the dinner, as we hugged goodbye, she took off the scrunchie I had packed my braids with, told me to wear it loose and she took the scrunchie away with her. Prior to that day, I never really wore my braids down, I always packed it up simply because it was easier to manage. Thanks to Udo, my letting my braids down journey most probably started that evening. 

Getting started 2012 – 2014

Initially, colour was something I did for the sake of variety, I was bored with black.  As time went on it became more than that, the colours I used on my hair began to signify something, a mood, a season, a shift. As the years have rolled by, I moved from subtle streaking to mixing. I got bolder and experimented with many colours and styles. As I progressed, I pretty much just thought, “what the heck, I’ll try it, If it doesn’t suit me, it’s coming off in six weeks, I can live with that” and I’d go for it.  

I call my current purple my 2020 #50dontcare colour.
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Bored with black, looking for pizazz – 2014 to 2017

What the colours I’ve used have come to represent.

The Blacks

Black is just black.  My natural hair colour is off black and I only have a couple of grey strands.  At the moment, for me, black represents blending in, boredom and lack of pizazz. 


The Reds

My husband loves the red. He says it suits me and also my personality which sometimes can be a bit on the ra ra ra raaaaaaa side.  I can be chill one minute and explode the next about something I’m not happy about and go on one big ranting spree which usually lasts only seconds. I consider it letting off steam, sometimes one needs to have a good shout to feel better.

 I remember once when my daughter was about 3yrs old, a friend asked me how she coped with loud noises in children’s play areas and I told her she probably doesn’t notice the noise because, when I shout it’s louder than all the children’s voices combined. Hahahaha! Okay, okay that’s an exaggeration, but I’m sure you get.  Read my “I’m not shouting, I’m African” blog. 


The Browns 

Browns are kinda like the new me. The older, need to be more sensible Kehinde. The shouting does not always make you feel better Kehinde, the die to self Kehinde, the more of the chill side of Kehinde Kehinde or shall I say how I’d like to be.  Hahahahaha!!! I have spent and continue to spend a lot of time on self development, self awareness. If the truth be told, its bloody hard to change!  However, if the desire is there, then eventually change will come. 


The Purple 

This is my new season colour. It’s a colour I subconsciously decided to use because I’m God’s VIP. I am privileged to know the Lord as my saviour. I am privileged to be able to pray, to communicate with him. I am privileged to be a Christian.  After the accident I had in August, let’s just say I’m more aware of God’s grace now than ever before. I remain eternally grateful. Things may not always go my way, if I’m alive, then there’s hope.

Get Out Of The Boat Colours – 2018


I went back 10 years of pictures for this blog.


Quite a few interesting thoughts came to mind as I sorted through the batch.


  1. My eyebrows – the amount of times they looked like they needed shaping. 🤣🤣
  2. My arms and thighs – once upon a time I did no strength training or shall I say, I did very little. They looked a bit on the thin side, like they could snap with a bit of pressure . O my gosh! I sound like my son. 😱  Anytime I send him an old picture of himself  that I think is rather nice, he’d make a comment about how skinny his arms or how long his neck looked in the picture. 🤣🤣
  3. The amount of times I had my mouth wide open, laughing – usually at myself and most probably because I considered the situation silly, fun, light. Taking pics should be fun shouldn’t it?
  4. The braids – the amount of times I had them on way toooooo long. 
  5. The iPhone camera has improved tremendously. Some of my earlier pics, jeez, the pixels….no no no!!! They are just so nooooo!!!
  6. Hmmm….. we all say “o my gosh, you haven’t changed” A giant lie. We all change, we look older no matter how youthful we are. Everyone ages. I’m making a mental note to stop using that line.
  7. Lastly, how many pictures I’ve taken of myself over the years – Narcism?

Bold, Adventurous Live Free – 2019



The only hairstyle I absolutely disliked was the crochet braids I did in 2017. I disliked it so much, I only have one picture of myself with it on my head and it’s not included in this collection. 😂




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