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Fall In Love With Green Fashion This Summer

Green fashion trends are making great waves this season. It’s a colour that’s fresh, relaxing to our eyes and soothing to our emotions. We’ve come to associate the colour green with sustainability, renewal, growth and life.  Without a doubt, the colour green invites a positive feeling. Green makes us feel optimistic about our future and the future of our planet. It symbolises peace, harmony, and growth.

Green says we care about our environment and seek to make our own contribution to keeping our planet healthy. Whether it’s by recycling, reducing the amount of plastics we use, walking or cycling more to reduce air pollution or simply wearing green to remind ourselves to do more for the environment. 

I personally have been wearing more green in recent years. Once upon a time, black would be my first choice colour for ease of matching. However, with the world constantly in a state of chaos, some vibrancy is needed to brighten up my days.  

Be bold and go green this season!



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