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Don’t Do This If You Want To Improve Your Fitness.

I remember once when I was invited to the launch of a new cycling class at our local health and fitness club. I got there at night and there were all these men in full cycling gear, all looking like the pro cyclists they were. I on the other hand, was in my usual capri’s, vest and trainers. I quietly went into the room and took a bike wondering if the decision to attend the launch was a bad idea. The class was designed for pro cyclists (road cyclists), something that I was definitely not. I haven’t even invested in spinning shoes and I’ve been spinning for years.

For a split second I contemplated not doing the session because all the men there looked the business, and I was far from their level. But…….I was curious. I wanted to know what the class was about so I decided to do what I always do when I’m in the gym – zone out and in. Out of the outside world and into my own world. I decided to do the class and just focus on myself, gave it my best for myself and enjoy it irrespective of what anyone else was doing. And that’s what I did. 

Over the years, I’ve facilitated or shall I say coached many fitness groups and run many challenges and one thing I’ve noticed is, the people that progress are the one who hear the “zone out and in” message and run with it and the people who say things like:

I don’t like gyms because everyone is so fit and I’m so unfit.”

“I feel out of place in a gym because I’m overweight”

“Emma’s always showing off in the group with her super fit body and exercises.”

“Morenike belongs in a mental institution because she trains for 2 hours and is always on a high.”

“There’s no point taking part in the challenge because all the other participants are fitter and I’m just a beginner.”


Usually struggle with progress.


The truth is people who let the outside world into their space when they are trying to achieve their fitness goals will always struggle. We ALL have to start from somewhere and if yours is from a place of extreme unfitness or excessive weight, then so it is. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of your starting point. There will always be people out there who are way ahead, who are super fit and leaner. They’re never going to go away, so don’t let them put you off starting your own journey.

I’ve been a member of my local gym for close to 18 years. I follow the same routine – plan what I’m going to do, step into the gym with my headphones on, “zone out and in”, and do my thing. I make a note of my progress and if it aligns with my goals and I’m seeing my desired results, then I’m doing great irrespective of what anybody else might be doing. If I’m not making progress, then I check what I’m doing, look for what might be hindering my progress and I tweak or change my program. 



I’ve been in situation when I’m trying to do 1 single pull up (which I still struggle to do) and a woman (of my age) has swaggered past me and done 5 with a weight attached to her waist. My son, who was there with me at the time, looked at me pointedly because I had been telling him I didn’t see the need to try and do a pull up. I told him I had no such goals. Nah! I don’t plan to EVER strap a weight around my waist to do pulls ups. It doesn’t matter if everybody else is doing it.



So, if you want to get fitter this year, don’t compare yourself to others, zone out and in – know what you want, make a plan, take action daily and focus on your progress and your progress alone.

1% improvement daily is progress. 100 x 1% =  100%. If you’re not sure you are getting better, don’t be discouraged, come to me and let me help you work it out. 

Happy New Year!

May you achieve all that you desire and much more this year.

K ❤️ 











  • MaryRose Adole
    January 15, 2019 7:33 am

    Wonderful read. I’m encouraged. I’m one of those who feel intimidated by others results and so prone to abandon the thing😀. Thanks for the inspiration and willingness to ep Coachie.

    • Great to hear than MaryRose!
      I know it can be intimidating when it seems as if others are doing things with ease and you’re not. One thing to remember is that we are all created with the ability, what we need is the repetition. Zone out and in, keep repeating that and your body and mind remembers.

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