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Ageing Sucks!

I remember as a child, my mother asking me to thread needles for her because she couldn’t get the thread into the needle hole. I recall sometimes telling her “to just push the thread through”. No sympathy, no understanding. Last week I tried to thread a needle and I struggled to get it through the hole! Oh my gosh!!! How can?

How can I not just push the thread through the hole? What was easy peasy 35 years ago is has now a struggle because I could not see the hole clearly. For a few seconds that made me sad, not because my eye sight had aged but because I wish I had, as a teenager, been kinder to my mother. For a few seconds, I wished I could go back in time and thread her needles without complaining. I wished I had been more patient.


Though it took several attempts, I was able to thread my needle and sew the button that had fallen off my coat back on. I almost called out to my daughter for help. The fear of hearing the inevitable, “Can you not see the hole mum?” made me persevere. She would have (in blissful ignorance of how it feels), probably been as merciless as I was to my mother.



Ageing sucks!

I don’t like to spend my spare time thinking about ageing. I like to use my spare time to focus my thoughts and energy on things that I have power over, things that I can control, manipulate, change.

That saying, genetics is something I think about sometimes. I feel that, if we let our bodies be, we will age just like our parents did. If we look at the ailments they suffer/suffered from, there is a strong chance that we will suffer from the same ailments if precautions are not taken. We can’t take preventative measures with everything but there are somethings we can.



Back to the reason for this blog, over the last 4 weeks, I’ve been forced to accept that my relationship with high heels is coming to an end and I’ve started looking for shoes with lower heels with great sadness. 😂  Nowadays, a couple of hours at a party in high heels requires a 2 week recovery period – it kills my knees, yet, I still wear the bloody things. 

I had so far, (unwisely) refused to accept that my middle age story is going to be sans high heels. I’d wear heels and suffer afterwards. Crazy isn’t it?

Thinking about it now, Age might not be the reason why I now have to wear lower heels. I started having knee pain in my 20’s and as far as I can remember, my mother has always complained about her knees.  Could weak knees be in my genes? I wonder….

So! Should I be sad over a frivolous thing like not being able to wear high heels? Shouldn’t I just be grateful that my legs are still functioning and settle for 2-3 inch heels?



Gratitude is what I feel most days, focusing on what’s there and not on what’s not there. But, when I’m getting dressed for a function, I’m not thinking of what’s there, I’m looking in the mirror thinking, “hmmmmm……higher heels would be perfect with this dress..”




Anyways, I could approach aging from 3 different angles,

1) Accept it as a given and age ungracefully i.e do nothing and let it all go downhill and fall apart.

2) Struggle to accept it and get depressed about it.

3) Accept it as a given and try to age gracefully i.e do my best NOT to let it all go downhill and fall apart.

I’ll take number 3. No ungraceful ageing for me. I’ll do all that is with my human power to keep my mind and body alive.





So, I got these shoes for work. I was looking for something low and versatile. I had briefly considered the trending brogue design but hesitated because it’s definitely not me. This has turned out to be a good choice and I’ve lost track of how many people have told me they like the shoes. They are sooooooo comfortable, I now wear them with EVERYTHING..

Okay, not everything but almost everything. 😉






  • Lizzy Omatsola
    December 10, 2018 3:26 pm

    Ck, I must say you are not alone. I simply can’t thread a needle now even with my glasses I just ask one of the children to do it for me.
    Sure it’s a sign of aging but gracefully we shall age and so shall it be. 👍

  • ivana akaraiwe
    December 10, 2018 3:28 pm

    I know the feeling coachie!

  • I had to do way with by heels. Despite am tall 1.58.i love wearing by heels and it makes me feel good. Last 2 months i had to shop for flats shoes without no one telling me cos my keens hurts badly. But then we have to move on and accepts the new trend of ageing with good faith and joyful about it.
    Vitoria .GOV

    • Adole MaryRose
      December 11, 2018 8:31 am

      Had this experience some weeks ago. Twas not funny at all. I struggled till I got thru. I remembered how I did it freely for my late Mum. Hmmm so me ma don dey old b dat? Ageing gracefully we shall by God’s grace!!!
      Personally, high 👠 have not been my favorite. Just occasionally and not very high too so low and moderate heels all d way.
      Thanks CK.

  • I loved everything about this post as I can relate on every level. We just have to embrace Age in the era that we live in. Love the shoes, I’m still in trainers for the commute into work and will over the holidays be scouring the shops for my own version of the famous brogues.

  • Love everything about the article… your musings seem like you are in my head… except the part about helping my mum thread a needle… Now, where did you get that dress?

  • Very practical as always K’oach. There’s the general belief that girls become friends with their mums after childbirth as the experience makes them appreciate their mums better. Those whose mums are still alive have the chance of making up for their youthful shortcomings by showing greater understanding and more love &, consequently preparing better for their own old age.

    Well articulated Coach. But it’s good u are taking it easy with high heels. I wear heels when am only moving a short distance from the car to where I’ll sit and won’t have to move around. Otherwise, am inviting severe backache later. God bless.

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