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50 is the new 30 – How To Look And Feel 20yrs Younger.

The 21st century mid-lifer is ageless. There’s a growing group of 21st century age defying women and men who look and feel 20yrs younger. A group of women and men who are determined to enjoy their older years and are taking steps to make sure they do. Wear and tear shows on the body just like anything that’s being used daily. 21st century mid-lifers have reduced wear and tear because they do what needs to be done to stay in good condition.

Humans are living longer but not necessarily in great health because of lifestyle related illnesses.  We are as old as we allow ourselves to become. Our hard earned savings should not be used up on medical care.

4 Things You Must Do To Look And Feel 20yrs Younger.


Hey! Don’t think that after you’ve reached a certain age, everything should start to go downhill.  It’s not too late and you’re not past it. Don’t let anyone label you “old cargo”, “elder” , “senior citizen”.  If you want to feel vibrant, energetic, and truly alive as you grow older, then take control of your body. 

The point of this message is not to force the body to look 20 years younger. My point is, we can age better. We can age without chronic lifestyle related illnesses. Our children should not be burdened with caring for us in our older years. The power is in our hands. 


1) You must fix your mindset.

Firstly, age is a state of mind. If you associate turning the number “50” with the word “old”, then you can’t look and feel younger. You will look and feel old.

The connection I’ve made with the number 50 is “vibrant”, “energetic”, “experienced”. Life has not been without it’s ups and downs but I choose to focus on what’s bright in my life. I’ve connected the number 50 with vibrant freedom, energetic travels and passion filled pursuits. As a result, I’m going to look for ways to engage my mind, stay positive and thankful for each day the good Lord grants me life. 

Secondly, make a decision. Do you want to look and feel younger, be more energetic and vibrant? Do you really really desire it?  Yes? Read on! However, if in your mind, you feel you’re okay the way you are, nothing needs to be improved, that’s fine. Well done!
If this is not for you, kindly pass this post to someone who needs a nudge.


2) You must exercise regularly. 

When I saw my 80yr old neighbour dashing across the road to the newsagent this morning, I smiled.

He really is an inspiration. A man who understands the importance of an active life and how it directly connects to quality of life as we grow older. He deliberately keeps active and his body is serving him well in his 80’s. 

We will look and feel older than we really are if we don’t condition our bodies. We need to get moving and keep moving constantly and consistently. The human body was not designed to be sedentary. It breaks down if not conditioned with cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises. Strength. Stability. Shape. Most importantly, to look and feel 20yrs younger, you have to maintain your strength or you will lose it. Resistance exercises help us maintain our strength, tone us up, protect our bones, help us move with more ease and keep fat off our bodies. The 21st century 50yr old who looks 30 know this and has make strength training an essential part of their life. It’s non negotiable.




3) You must pay more attention to what you eat.

Our diet should be linked to our energy expenditure. As a matter of fact, many are eating themselves to an early grave. Unless we’re athletes or we regularly participate in sporting events like marathons, triathlons, races etc, we need to eat less as we grow older.

All lifestyle related diseases are as a result of bad food choices and lack of exercise. Start to think more about what you put in your mouth. Think of food as fuel for life and energy. You won’t look and feel younger if you are over-nourished or your diet is full of processed foods. Let your health drive your food choices. Eat more whole foods, vegetables and fruits.

Here’s what I do. I eat vegetables everyday. My dinner must be accompanied by lots of vegetables.  When I go out for a meal and my main does not come with vegetables, I order vegetables as a side. I’ve heard people say they don’t like vegetables. I find that amusing. Whether I like vegetables or not never even comes to mind when I’m eating. What’s uppermost in my mind when I’m eating is what the food I’m eating does for my body.  Vegetables, whether I fancy them or not, is a must. It’s a must because vegetables are life giving foods. Why would I not eat them?

Here’s a tip, when you’re making food choices, don’t let your emotions drive your choices. Start making more rational food choices and you will start to feel and look younger.

4) You must make meditation and quality sleep a priority.

Quality sleep is vital for our overall wellbeing (physical and mental). Our body needs 7+ hours of sleep to repair and renew it’s cells and tissues, regulate hormones and healthy brain function. If our sleep is constantly short, our cells will not repair sufficiently because, the renewal process will be interrupted. We won’t be rejuvenated, we will feel and look groggy.

“The one-third of our lives that we spend sleeping, far from being “unproductive,” plays a direct role in how full, energetic and successful the other two-thirds of our lives can be.” – Sleep Foundation.

There are different ways to meditate and meditation means different things to different people.  Meditation for me is a time of prayer to God. Whichever way you choose to meditate, meditation is a process which promotes calm, relaxation and tranquility. Meditation reduces stress. Chronic stress prevents our system from functioning properly and can lead to life threatening health problems.  When we aren’t constantly stressed, we look and feel vibrant and energetic. 

Other things that could help you look and feel 20yrs younger.


Don’t smoke.

Drink alcohol moderately.

Moisturise your whole body daily.

Take supplements if you’re vitamin deficient.



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  • Glenda Omogbai
    March 15, 2020 9:44 pm

    Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it 😍. I m forwarding it to my colleagues as well.
    I m a living example of everything you write and teach about.
    I m smiling as I leave this comment.
    Thank you for your genuine and consistent passion to make women look and feel healthy in themselves. #lifestyle. 😘👏🏾🤗

    • kehindepitan
      March 16, 2020 6:33 am

      It’s shows on you!
      God bless you Glenda!
      I am grateful for your constant support. Sister friends like you make it worthwhile. Many thanks!

  • Glenda Omogbai
    March 15, 2020 9:46 pm

    And you are sure looking hot!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Your attitude to 50 reminds me of the 40 blog post I wrote a while back. I felt vibrant and excited about it too. Definitely not ‘old cargo’ – ha! I like that one. I couldn’t agree more with your tips. I do need to eat a bit less crap and meditate more though. Xx

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