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What I bought in Bologna

Major underwear shopping is very straight forward, I go with my husband we have a look around the shop, he points and what he likes, pays and finito! 😂 😂

Intimissimi is one of my favourite lingerie brands. I discovered the shop on a trip to Milan almost 15 years ago. Since then, they have opened several branches in the UK. A trip to Italy isn’t complete without a stop at Intimissimi. Nowadays, shopping for lingerie has to sometimes be with David. I’ve come a long was since my early days of BHS and M&S brightly coloured 5 pack cotton garter panties. David told me he got a big shock when he first saw my underwear. He said he had imagined I wore white lacy knickers and was horrified when he discovered that I wore brightly coloured 5 a pack cotton bikini panties from Marks and Spencer.That was almost 25 years ago. I’ve gone from multi coloured BHS packs to multi coloured packs from Marks and Spencer’s, to white Sloggi single boxes and now I go underwear shopping with David and ask him to choose. A second opinion makes life a lot easier. He was a bit self conscious the first time, but now he’s very comfortable in a lingerie shop. We go around the shop looking at everything that’s available, I choose lingerie he likes and items I like, so we are both happy. David thinks that any panty other than a tong or Brazilian knickers is a “mummy pant” (his words not mine).

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