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What I bought in Bologna

Major underwear shopping is very straight forward, I go with my husband we have a look around the shop, he points and what he likes, pays and finito! ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

Intimissimi is one of my favourite lingerie brands. I discovered the shop on a trip to Milan almost 15 years ago. Since then, they have opened several branches in the UK. A trip to Italy isnโ€™t complete without a stop at Intimissimi. Nowadays, shopping for lingerie has to sometimes be with David. Iโ€™ve come a long was since my early days of BHS and M&S brightly coloured 5 pack cotton garter panties. David told me he got a big shock when he first saw my underwear. He said he had imagined I wore white lacy knickers and was horrified when he discovered that I wore brightly coloured 5 a pack cotton bikini panties from Marks and Spencer.That was almost 25 years ago. Iโ€™ve gone from multi coloured BHS packs to multi coloured packs from Marks and Spencerโ€™s, to white Sloggi single boxes and now I go underwear shopping with David and ask him to choose. A second opinion makes life a lot easier. He was a bit self conscious the first time, but now heโ€™s very comfortable in a lingerie shop. We go around the shop looking at everything thatโ€™s available, I choose lingerie he likes and items I like, so we are both happy. David thinks that any panty other than a tong or Brazilian knickers is a โ€œmummy pantโ€ (his words not mine).

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