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Places To Visit In London – Borough Market

I remember the first time I walked through Borough Market, it was the Summer of 2018 after the Fit & Fabulous Safari Fit Dance day at Oval. After the workout, a group of us headed to the tube station to look for somewhere to eat and chat. My husband who was familiar with the area (his office is situated near the market) had suggested we go there because of the wide variety of food options. As I walked past the market, I looked longingly at the food stalls and promised myself that one day, I’ll be back to try the food.

One of the things on my 2019 ToDo list, now that my children are all grown up and independent, is to make solo trips around London and explore a different part every month. I met up with hubby for lunch last week and decided on arrival, to have a quick look around some parts of the market.

Borough Market is situated at the centre of London and it has been around for about 1000 years. You can get to the market via London Bridge underground station, the market is opposite the station. The area around the market with it’s cobbled paths look like something from an Oliver Twist movie – very quaint.


The first thing I saw when I went into the market was an array of stalls selling pasties and chocolates. It really wasn’t a good time to be seeing this type of food since I’m preparing for my healthy lifestyle bootcamp challenge so I really had to control myself. 😂

The Market has food stalls selling different types of food and many of the market stall holders are food producers selling their own produce.  I love small scale artisan food (breads, cheeses, pastries, chocolates, deserts, condiments etc) and Borough Market does not disappoint. I decided not to explore the whole market because of the upcoming KHL Bootcamp Challenge but have made a note to come back in the summer.


Pork crackling on roast pork.


Artisan chocolate stall


Honey and walnut cake Photo credit : Karaway Bakery

I visited the Karaway Bakery stall and bought a slice of the most delicious honey and walnut cake. There were so many delicious options on offer it was difficult to choose. The family run bakery are Great Taste award winners.

On my way back to the station, I took the riverside route, taking in the view of the  Millennium bridge leading to The Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral and The City. The Millennium bridge is a pedestrian bridge over the river Thames that links Bankside to the City. It was a drizzly day and though the sky was grey , it was great to be outdoors.

View of St Paul’s Cathedral from Bankside


River bus stop at Bankside Peer


A lovely looking pub


View of the City from The Golden Hinde


The Golden Hinde Ship



Grab a pint and some food next to The Golden Hinde.


Visit The Clink Prison Museum

If you’re sightseeing in the area, you might want to visit one of Britain’s oldest museums, The Clink. The museum has a rich and gory history spanning 600 years from 1144 when people were locked up for harlotry, drunkenness, heresy, debt and a whole host of other ‘crimes’.




If you’re a food lover, Borough Market is definitely a must visit. Visit the Market’s website for more information about all that goes on at  the market like cookery demonstrations, publications, public debates and educational programmes.


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