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My Fabletics Powerhold Leggings Review

Since the lockdown, the one thing I’ve worn daily is leggings. I wear leggings or capris to workout and after I’ve had a shower, I wear a pair of soft Abercrombie leggings around the house. In the past, I’ve talked about the importance of feeling good in your workout clothes and how it can positively affect your workout. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the Fabletics Powerhold leggings.

Back in the low rise era, (thank God that’s over!) I couldn’t find trousers or jeans that sat high enough on my waist. They would usually be impossible to sit down in without showing my butt crack. Leggings were a bit better, but I still had to pull them up at the back because they weren’t high enough. Back in the day, brands didn’t design for curvy women especially black women with bigger bums.

A perfect pair of leggings or capris for the woman with a bubble bum (as they now call it) should be slightly higher at the back because it has more flesh to stretch over.  It’s not surprising that, in the past, companies only designed for the Caucasian shape.  What surprises me now is, Caucasians are now coveting bigger African style butts. We didn’t see that coming! Women are literally working their butts off to reshape their booty or having them surgically reconstructed. I was going to say “surgically enhanced”, however, thinking about it, a flat ass can’t be enhanced. To get that shape surgically, there has to be an element of reconstruction. Anyway, thanks to the likes of JLo and Beyoncé, we now have more choice of leggings, capris, trousers, and jeans with higher waistlines. 

High waisted Mila Capri.

Mila Capri in blue

What make a great pair of workout leggings?



It depends on what you’re looking for. Personally, the waist is the first thing I check, it has to sit at a flattering height. Too low cuts me in half and exposes the top of my bum. Cutting me in half gives the illusion of muffin top – flesh spills over.  Nah! I work hard to keep in shape, leggings shouldn’t give me what I don’t have. And if I did have a muffin top, a high waist will disguise that.


Well this depends on the activity. Sometimes we want it lightweight and sometimes we want a bit more hold. I have a pair of Fabletics Printed PureLuxe Capri’s. The fabric is divine! It’s nice and soft with stretch. We want fabrics that wash well. Fabrics that don’t fade or bleed after washing.
Fabrics that maintain shape after several washes.


Well, pockets in places that don’t add bulk is nice. An eye catching print can be nice. However, this is subjective, some people like plain colours. I like the Fabletics Mila Capri for outdoor running. Nicely placed pockets leave my hands free to just run. Length is also important. I don’t have a problem with length, but my daughter who’s 5’11 isn’t spoilt for choice. 

Fabletics Powerhold Leggings Review 


I discovered Fabletics round about 2015. Trendy workout gear always catch my eye. Whether I buy or not usually depends on “want” and price. Fabletics had an offer going so I signed up. The first few capris I bought were okay. Nice designs but no great shakes in the fitting department. Some were hits and some were misses. Whether a pair of workout leggings is a hit or miss usually depends on the waist. There is also an activity connection. For example, if I’m going to run or do jumping exercises, the waist has to hold up. If I’m spinning in them, if the waist is too high or low, it can become uncomfortable. 

Also, a great fit at the waist is flattering and an ill fitting waist is unflattering. We want to be able to tuck everything away nicely without exposing our flabby bits. My Fabletics hits in recent years came when the company started making leggings for women with curves. Yay! They realised the world population is not all Caucasian. Woo hoo Fabletics! The high waisted Fabletics Powerhold leggings came out and I bought a pair. They were comfortable, the waist height was just right for me, high but not too high. The compression flatters my figure. Actually, compression flatters all figures. If I was to add to the Powerhold design, I’d probably add a side pocket like the Mila Capri has. 

I’m not a brand hopper, I usually remain loyal to a good brand and shout about it to all I know. From time to time, I get messages from brands who reach out to me via Instagram (kineticfitstyle and kehinde.pitan) with regards some ambassador program or the other. To date, none have come up with a collaboration offer that’s attractive. I would love to work with Fabletics. It would be nice for them to feature real people like me in their advertising campaigns for a change. 😁

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