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How To Avoid Post Christmas Weight Gain Blues

This is how I plan to avoid the dreaded post Christmas weight gain feeling. I formed a nightly chocolate habit during 2020 Lockdown. I blame my husband for this habit. Yep, he is solely to blame. I’m not taking responsibility for my actions, it’s all his fault. 🤣

80% of the time, my husband buys the chocolates in the house. He buys Lindt Dark Orange Intense for himself and Lindt Dark Caramel with a touch of Sea Salt for me. The chocolates have been coming out almost every night after our dinner. I initially protested, but after a while, I found myself getting the chocolates from the fridge for both of us.  We usually have two squares each but sometimes (too often for my liking), I’ve found myself reaching for a 3rd.

Such is the power of sugar.

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Now, each square is about 51 calories. This would be okay if I stick to just the 2 squares daily as a treat. Some even say a bit of dark chocolate is good for the health. Well, that would depend on the percentage of cocoa in the chocolate bar. I’m pretty sure the cocoa’s gotta be something close to 100% (without added sugar or milk) to have health benefits. Close to 100% cocoa chocolate bars will probably taste bitter. Therefore, the % of cocoa in chocolate is something to think about if you believe chocolate has health benefits. Contrary to this assertion, my thoughts are, dark chocolate is a sweet treat and nothing more.

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My chocolate habit wasn’t much of a problem during the first lockdown because I was walking, running cycling and doing HiiT workouts 6 days a week. However, for this second 4 week lockdown, I decided to only do short Yoga workouts. Consequently, though less tight and more flexible, I’ve probably put on a bit of weight. As we are approaching Christmas, the only way is up if I don’t keep an eye on my overall calories.

I came up with a plan – a very simple plan that works.

I really dislike post Christmas weight gain bloat and my clothes feeling tight and uncomfortable. The reality shock is is is…… nah! I prefer to do without that. Christmas is such a warm season. The thought of thinking about weight gain over Christmas puts a dampner on the season. Christmas time is a time to chill, relax, eat, have fun and be merry. It’s not a time to count calories and be anxious about putting on weight. A few years ago, to avoid the dreaded post Christmas weight gain blues, I got thinking… how can I enjoy the season and not feel down about weight gain afterwards?

This is what I do and it works. 

I simply drop some pounds in November by doing a cleanse or sugar detox to clear out my gut. I usually put the word out on social media, get friends to join me so they too can enjoy a guilt free Christmas. As a lifestyle coach, I love helping women look and feel their best. Spending time helping people has highlighted the fact that people oftentimes know what to do, what they struggle with is implementation.

This is why I put together this free 5 Step Guide To Help You Build Healthy Habits That Stick. If you’ve struggled with consistency and often yo-yo-ed, this guide will help you.




New word alert: Nutrifluff

Nutrifluff is a word used to describe “sensational nutritional research findings based on one highly preliminary study”.

That all dark chocolate is good for us is fluffy nutritional nonsense. 

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