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3 Essential Items For Home Workouts In Self Isolation

If you regularly use work as an excuse not to exercise, ha ha ha, now (with self isolation) you’ve got time . 🤣🤣

Seriously though, it’s a no brainier especially with all that stockpiled food in the house. In these unprecedented extraordinary times of self isolation and quarantine, exercise is a must to relieve tension, anxiety and panic.  We really must exercise for our sanity.

I hope the current Covid-19 pandemic will encourage you to do more to stay healthy. Exercising boosts our immune system and slows down the effects of ageing. The great news is that you don’t have to spend hours and a fortune exercising to stay healthy.  Below are my top 3 essential items for your self isolation home workout. They won’t cost you a fortune. 


3 Essential Items For Home Workouts In Self Isolation


Exercise Mat

A portable exercise mat to stand, sit, kneel, lie or stretch on for cleanliness, comfort and stability is one of the first things you should buy especially if your floor isn’t carpeted. Comfort is important, so don’t go for a mat that is not padded. Supermarkets sell exercise mats but are usually limited to only 1 type. If you want more variety, here are some suggestions with good reviews.

Maximo Exercise Matt  £23

Core Balance Matt.£24.99

Mira Fit Matt £19.99 

Hand weights 

If you’re a regular reader of my posts, then you would have heard me talk about the importance of weight training especially in our older years. Everyone should have a pair of dumbbells at the very bare minimum.

Dumbbells are the most common free weights. They are easy to use and come in a variety of weights. When getting dumbbells, if you decide to opt for a light weight pair, make sure you up your reps to up to 15 per exercise to feel the burn. 

Body Revolution Hand Weights from £12.99

DTX Fitness 5 Weight Set £39.99 

DTX Fitness Single Weight pair from £9.99  

DTX Fitness Hex Weight pair £29.99 

Trigger Point Foam Roller
Trigger Point Foam Roller and 66Fit Massage stick.


Massage stick or foam roller 

I can’t do without my massage stick and foam roller. 

Oh my gosh! Both or either/or are an absolute necessity if you want to make exercise a lifestyle. There will be the days you do an exercise you haven’t done before, wake up an inactive muscle or pushed a little bit more than normal. These will help you relieve sore muscle and tension, increase blood circulation and prevent injury. They also help improve flexibility and joint range of motion.

Over the years, I have tried a few massage sticks and rollers. If you want to buy a foam roller, best not to go for a cheap one, they don’t last. The Trigger Point foam roller below is the best on the market. Go for the longer size, you won’t regret it. You don’t however, have to go for the top of the range massage stick, some of the cheaper ones do last. 

66 Fit Massage Stick £8.50  

Trigger Point Foam Roller from small from £35.99 large from £44.00

Trigger Point Massage Stick £27.95I’ve amassed and keep at home all sorts of weights and exercise equipment which my children use. It’s times like that I’m grateful for my collection. We are putting all to good use.


Stay safe, fit and healthy.


Whilst we’re all in self Isolation, join me 9.20am (Monday – Friday) on Facebook at Kinetic Lifestyle for daily live midlife 15min workouts. 

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