About Me

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Kehinde, a twin, an almost fifty wife and mother of 2 who loves food, fashion, fitness and travel.

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This blog has been in the making for years. I started ‘blogging’ on my Facebook page in 2008 to document my challenges as a mother, and life in general. My hashtag #LifeInThePitanHousehold soon became well known.

My Style

My style is minimalist with a teeny bit of bling at times.

My Fitness

I’m a fitness enthusiast (not a fanatic), who believes that fitness is essential for good health.

My Work

I work as personal shopper. My clients are individuals and small to mid size businesses. I am also a part time Weight Loss and Healthy Living coach check me out at kineticklifestyle.com.

My hobbies

I love most things that have a history and visiting places that have history, amazing architecture, art and culture.

My Hair

Usually in braids because I don’t need to do anything to it when plaited. I play around with different color combinations for the fun of it.

For business collaborations contact info@thefrontrowcompany.com 

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